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Handheld laser welding machine: the flexible solution for laser welding

Handheld laser welding machine: the flexible solution for laser welding

The handheld laser welding machine is a high-tech device that uses laser beams to concentrate energy to achieve precise welding of metal materials. Compared with traditional welding methods, handheld laser welding machines have the advantages of fast welding speed, small heat-affected zone, small welding deformation, and beautiful welds. This article will introduce the principles, characteristics, application fields, advantages and development trends of handheld laser welding machines.

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The working principle of handheld laser welding machines is based on the high-energy beam generated by the laser. The laser is focused into a high-energy-density light spot through the focusing optical system, which heats the workpiece quickly and accurately, causing the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and achieve a welding effect. At the same time, by controlling the focus position and power density of the laser beam, precise control and adjustment of the welding area can be achieved, thereby completing high-quality welding operations.

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Fast welding speed: The handheld laser welding machine can achieve high-speed welding, greatly improving work efficiency, and is especially suitable for mass production;

Small heat-affected zone: Due to the high energy density of laser welding, the heat-affected zone is small, which can reduce the thermal deformation and cracks of the material and ensure the accuracy and quality of the workpiece after welding;

Small welding deformation: The laser welding machine has a small heat input during the welding process, which can control the welding deformation and is suitable for application scenarios with strict requirements on the shape and size of the workpiece;

Beautiful welds: Laser welding machines can achieve high-quality welding surfaces with narrow weld width and beautiful appearance, and are suitable for products with high appearance requirements.

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Handheld laser welding machines have obvious advantages over traditional argon arc welding and argon arc welding for metal materials. First of all, laser welding machines are far away from the influence of corrosive and high-temperature environments in extreme environments. Secondly, the laser welding machine welds quickly and efficiently, saving a lot of costs.

Post time: Feb-28-2024