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Industrial Engraving and Marking Applications Samples

Industrial Engraving and Marking Applications Samples

Industrial Marking Samples

Since the beginning of the laser marking industry, CHUKE committed to solving the problems of marking for customers; At present, our laser marking machine can provide customers with a lot of services, industry from aviation, electronics to food, etc., materials from wood, plastic, glass to stainless steel, etc., can completely meet the needs of customers.

Our marking machine has the following advantages:

Flexible, efficient and effective results since the marking applications we provide to our customers are of good quality in the worldwide market.

We have customer online service that are experts. Usually they aid our potential clients in finding the most effective marking and engraving applications.

We have etching samples that have been marked and engraved with our machines.

We are dedicated to the majority of customers to solve the problems encountered in the process of product marking and tracking, to provide effective solutions.

If you want to know more about marking information, please see the picture below, you can contact us at any time, customer service staff 24 hours online . 

Stainless Steel

3D depth engraving

3D Depth Engraving

mark on the stainless steel part

Mark On The Stainless Steel Part

QR code mark on the accessories

QR Code Mark On The Accessories

mark on the ring ornament

Mark On The Ring Ornament


mark on aluminum mateial

Mark On Aluminum Mateial

mark on the aluminum plate

Mark On The Aluminum Plate

mark on the cylindrical

Mark On The Cylindrical

marked on aluminum material

Marked On Aluminum Material


Button laser marking

Button Laser Marking

Laser marking of hangers

Laser Marking Of Hangers

mark on the wooden material

Mark On The Wooden Material

mark on the wooden USB drive

Mark On The Wooden USB Drive


mark on the belt leather

Mark On The Belt Leather

mark on the leather

Mark On The Leather

mark on the leather wallet

Mark On The Leather Wallet

mark on the shoe sole

Mark On The Shoe Sole


Plastic PBT marking

Plastic PBT Marking

Plastic ABS marking

Plastic ABS Marking

Mark the plastic folding box

Mark The Plastic Folding Box

Mark on the plastic

Mark On The Plastic


Glass measuring cup marking

Glass Measuring Cup Marking

Laser marking of vinegar bottle

Laser Marking Of Vinegar Bottle

Mark the bottom of the glass bottle

Mark The Bottom Of The Glass Bottle

Mark the red wine glasses

Mark The Red Wine Glasses

Paper Cardboard

Mark on the cartons

Mark On The Cartons

Mark on the paper box

Mark On The Paper Box

Mark on the paper cardboard

Mark On The Paper Cardboard

Paper packaging boxes are marked

Paper Packaging Boxes Are Marked