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Military Defence Industry Marking Solutions

Military Defence Industry Marking Solutions

Chuke Marking Application

With the rapid development of industry, the industrial environment has far surpassed the past. Driven by the excellent industrial development environment, the international military industry has also developed rapidly, and has rapidly driven the weapons industry.

Regardless of industrial development or the development of weapon enterprises, it will drive the development of the marking machine industry. As an industrial marking equipment, the marking machine has been paid more and more attention by people.

The marking machine is not only a device for marking a few numbers, it can also be used as an anti-counterfeiting device, which increases the safety of products in the industry, effectively preventing products that were not marked without anti-counterfeiting before, and is also useful for supplying to the national military.

The protection of the industry, and the relative supervision of the suppliers, the improvement of the quality of the products provided.


Chuke is dedicated to offer professional marking system for our military and defence industry.

Chuke Marking Solutions

Fiber Laser Marking System produce deep engraving and surface marking with a superior finish, which can be helpful for the traceability of military firearms, including the serial number and logo.

Dot Peen Marking Machine can be customized, a rotary axis device offered to meet with the demand that marking on various surfaces - flat, circular and others.

Flexible Marking Solutions customized to special marking requirements in various industries.

Different marking pins can be customized according to clients’ requirement that depth, hard-to-reach place and etc.

Marking Solutions