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Metal Stainless Steel Marking & Engraving Solutions

Metal Stainless Steel Marking & Engraving Solutions

Marking solutions of laser and dot peen marking machine in stainless steel materials

Laser marking machine in stainless steel material solutions

Metal marking material mainly play mark optical fiber laser marking machine, which are permanent, rust-resistant and chemical-resistant, marking metal with all kinds of information including bar codes, digital two-dimensional bar codes, serial numbers, production dates, shift codes and even trademarks.

It can be applied to different metal materials, the introduction of laser marking in the field of stainless steel metal products manufacturing, its advantages are as follows:

 Changing work environment 

 Greatly improves the work efficiency and save a lot of human resources 

 Save a lot of time to use the logo in the traditional products, generally only 2-5 seconds can be achieved 

If the use of line flying mark marking. And from the point of view of environmental protection, is the traditional process can not be completed.

CHUKE’s laser marking equipment will not produce environmental pollution, will not cause pollution to the human body, is the current environmental protection of high-tech equipment. 

The advantages of laser marking equipment in the field of technology have been extended to various industries to promote high quality and efficient products, and open up a new way for future production. 

Laser marking machine in stainless steel material solutions

Dot peen marking machine in stainless steel material solutions

Pneumatic marking machine is divided into pneumatic, electric and marking these 3 ways, in the industrial production line, pneumatic marking machine is widely used in the production and processing line, has the following advantages:

A. High efficiency of industrial pneumatic marking machine;

B. It is widely used in the field of deep engraving of metal, long service life, the average life of up to 10 years;

C. The operation is very simple, and the marking content is diverse, high stability;

D. Pneumatic marking machine marking out of the effect is durable, not easy to oxidation wear and fall off;

E. Small size, covering an area of less than 2 square meters;

F. Pneumatic marking machine marking technology is mature, suitable for a wide range of industries, can be used in cars, motorcycles and other engines, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts; Printing rack number of electric vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles; All kinds of goods, vehicles, equipment products sign printing; All kinds of mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valves, fasteners, steel, instruments and meters.

Dot peen marking machine in stainless steel material solutions

CHUKE’s pneumatic marking machine design, the whole machine adopts the shockproof cancelled the air plug wire and drive, so as to optimize the entire circuit element, reduces the line connector, avoid the virtual welding sealing off such as fault .

At the same time repair is no longer as components and cables and time consuming too much some troubleshooting, you just need to replace the circuit board, put an end to the situation that is not repair need returned to the factory, avoid the whole machine back to the factory trouble, just plug and replace the circuit board, any inexperienced people are able to operate.

There is an independent control machine, electrical and mechanical completely separated, to eliminate the contact failure and damage of electronic components caused by high frequency vibration of the long-term working head; the moving components are formed by die-casting die at one time, which improves the situation of large error and insufficient rigidity caused by cutting, processing and splicing of profiles of ordinary models.

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