Laser Engraving, Cleaning, Welding and Marking Machines

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There are some questions that customers normally come up with when they are in search of suitable marking machine. CHUKE can help and offer solutions.

What product your factory can manufacture?

CHUKE is a sophisticated team with design and manufacture experience on marking machines, laser cleaning machines, laser welding machines.

How to select the suitable machines?

Before choosing the suitable marking machine, please follow as below steps:

1. Please advise which product you would like to use the marking machine for and whats the material of it?

2. What’s the marking size you want? Or its better you have a photo for reference.

What is your principle for the samples?

Please advise the marking size and font you want, we can make free marking samples according to your requirement.

Is the software free and is it in English or can be customized?

The software is free, and normally its in English, but it can be customized if you need other languages.

What are the quality control measures followed?

As and old saying, “Quality determines success or failure”, our factory always put it as a priority.

1. Our factory is Quality Control System Certificated.

2. We have customer-oriented quality control department to ensure the qualified raw material in each inspection process and manufacture qualified marking machine for our clients.

3. Quality test is conducted by our QA department before shipping the machines out.

4. Wooden case packaging for increased machine protection.

Which materials can these machines engrave?

Fiber Laser -- all metals, some plastic, some stones, some leathers, paper, garments and others.

MOPA Laser -- Gold, Aluminium(with dark color effect also), stainless steel with multiple colors, brass, platinum silver, other metals, ABS plastic with low rate of melting bum, PC plastic with low rate of melting burn, PLA plastic, PBT plastic and others.

UV Laser -- The UV laser engraving technology can cover a whited range of applications, from plastic to metals. It can be used for all plastics and glass, some metals, some stones, paper, leather, wood, ceramic and garments.

CO2 Laser -- CO2 lasers are powerful and efficient, making them an excellent choice for heavy industrial and high duty cycle applications. Our CO2 laser are ideal for marking organic materials such as wood, rubber, plastic and ceramics.

Dot peen marking machines -- Pneumatic marking machines are mostly used in metals and non-metals with hard hardness, such as various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel, instruments, electromechanical equipment and other metal marking.

What payment methods can be acceptable?

There are a variety of payment methods to choose.

Paypal, Telegraphic Transfer(T/T), Western Union, Direct payment.

How about the lead time?

It depends on the quantity and marking solutions.

For standard product, the delivery time is around 5-10 working days.

For special customized products, we will reply back with lead time at the time of placing the order.

Do your machines come with a warranty and after-sales support?

1. FREE 1-year Minimum Warranty on the core components.

2. Free customer and technical Support/Remote Assistance.

3. Free software updates.

4. Spare parts are available when customers request.

5. Working videos of product will be offered.