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Leather Material Marking Solutions

Leather Material Marking Solutions

Applications for leather products are everywhere

The application of leather in life is very extensive, covering leather making, shoe making, leather clothes, fur and its products and other main industries, as well as leather chemical industry, leather hardware, leather machinery, accessories and other supporting industries. Common leather goods have leather garment, leather shoes, belt, watchband, purse, handicraft and so on.

CHUKE Marking and Engraving System

Leather products generally use CO2 laser marking machine, which will not cause any damage to leather goods when marking the pattern on leather goods, the engraving speed is faster, the effect is more accurate, and some complicated patterns can easily complete the marking needs.

Laser processing belongs to a form of thermal processing, it because of the high energy laser beam on the surface of the leather instantly complete the pattern of burning engraving, the heat effect is small, so although it is high quality laser beam will not damage the leather goods, only in the leather goods surface to form the required marking pattern. CO2 laser marking machine in addition to marking exquisite patterns, but also can print a variety of Chinese, English, numbers, dates, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, serial numbers, etc.

The functions and characteristics of CO2 laser marking machine are as follows:

1. Adopting high-performance metal RF CO2 laser to enhance the stability and laser life;

2. The beam quality is good, the electro-optic conversion rate is high, the processing speed is fast, is the traditional laser marking machine 5~10 times;

3. No supplies, no need to carry out any maintenance, long service life. Small size, suitable for harsh environment;

4. High reliability, maintenance-free, no need for chiller, complete air cooling, easy operation;

5. Simple operation, equipped with humanized operation software;

6. Excellent optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine work, suitable for most non-metallic materials; Widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, auto parts, wire and cable, electronic parts, building materials, plastics, clothing and other industries, mainly used for carton packaging, film, plastic products, glass, wood and other material surface marking, marking permanent beautiful can not be erased.

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Why Choose CHUKE’s Laser Marking Machine ?

Using CHUKE co2 laser marking machine carved out by any design is permanent, and hit the underlying pattern delicate, beautiful, also can help enterprises to save costs, in the process of machining the co2 laser marking machine also won't have any material, no secondary processing, this can save a lot of labor costs and unnecessary consumables cost; The equipment has the performance of 24 hours continuous work, can meet the needs of mass production line processing businesses.