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Plastic Material Used In Marking Market Solutions

Plastic Material Used In Marking Market Solutions

How did plastic materials begin to use marking machines for marking?

The history of plastics goes back to the mid-19th century, when chemists developed dyes and bleaches to feed Britain's booming textile industry. In doing so, chemists discovered that synthetic materials can change shape under heat and pressure, and retain shape when they cool down. More versatile than rare and expensive natural materials such as rubber, glass and amber. With such inspiration, plastic was invented early in the next century. Up to now, plastic can be seen everywhere in our life.

What materials can be used for marking machine marking

Plastic is a polymer material with integration. Compared with metal, wood and other materials, plastic has the advantages of low cost and strong plasticity, so it is more widely used in commodity packaging.

Before this, we used jet printer for marking, and now we will use laser marking machine to mark, laser marking advantage is that the word is not easy to fall off, and keep for a long time, at the same time, the service life of the machine is very long, do not often change other machines.

There are seven main plastic components used in the market for commodity packaging:

PET: mineral water bottles, carbonic acid, juice bottles and soy sauce vinegar bottles and other commonly used packaging materials

HDPE is often packaged in composite film with other plastics.

PVC is often used in the outer packaging of industrial products, daily necessities, etc.

LDPE is mainly used in the production of food cling film and plastic bags for food

PP is often used in the production of plastic containers and plastic packaging films.

PS is mainly processed into film and foam plastic use.

PC is often used in consumer goods and luggage packaging.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine Marking Plastic Samples

CO2 Marking samples

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Marking Plastic Samples

Fiber Marking samples

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