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Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry

Electronic Industry Marking Solutions

Laser marking machines plays an important role in electronic components, and are often used to mark logos, codes, parameters, patterns, two-dimensional codes and other signs. There are many types of electronic components. Such as capacitors, inductors, potentiometers, relays, filters, switches, etc which commonly play very critical role in electronic products.

There is no need additional force to the object to be processed during the processing process, so it is especially suitable for use in small parts and electronic components with high requirements. and no force leads to be deformed. The development of laser marking can promote the industry's innovation in marking and coding, and it can also promote the rapid development of the electronic industry. Whether it is the electronic component industry or the laser marking machine market, there will be better development in the future. Inject new impetus into the electronics industry.

Electronic Industry Marking Solutions

CHUKE can offer exclusive customized marking solutions for electronic products used in variety of industries.

CHUKE Marking Machine

Fast marking speed, high production efficiency, long service life.

 CHUKE software can create any traceability Codes, Logos,Serial numbers, Graphics, Bar Codes, Dates etc.

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