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Name Plate Portable Dot Peen Pneumatic Marking Machine

Name Plate Portable Dot Peen Pneumatic Marking Machine

Short Description:

CHUKE portable dot peen marking machine is suitable for marking on objects that have large size and is not easy to move, such as nameplate , rotary etc , can marking on the flat surface,curved surface ,tiny parts , huge parts and high hardness parts.

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The advantage of products

Smart touch display: the latest international ARM9 industrial-grade 32-bit micro-control, touch panel, and LCD screen. Operate independently on the LCD screen to complete the modification and editing of the file content. 

Portable & compact: portable and compact, made of durable material; the manual marking machine is not limited by the shape of the product. It can be used to mark large metal engraving and stamping plates. 

Linux operation system: adopt a LINUX operating system, with clear and simple window menu, the operation is convenient and fast. Equipped with a USB interface, can connect USB standard keyboard and USB mouse. Large memory space, 1 GB file storage capacity.  

Wide application: the name plate marking machine can be used to mark codes, English letters, logos, graphics, serial numbers, VIN codes, etc. on various metals such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, gold, iron, etc.


Marking Speed 2-5 characters(2x2mm)/s
Stroke Frequency 300 times/s
Marking Depth 0.01 to 1mm (Vary to the material)
Marking contents Alphanumeric info, Data Matrix or dot matrix 2D codes, Shift codes, Barcode, Serial Number, Date, VIN Code, Time, Letter, Figure, Logo, Graphics etc.
Stylus Pin Hardness HRA92/HRA93
Marking area 80x40mm,130x30mm,140x80mm, 200x200mm
Dimensions 330x200x230mm
Marking materials < HRC60 metallic and nonmetallic materials< HRC60 need special stylus
Repeat accuracy 0.02-0.04mm
Power 300W
Work voltage AC110V 60HZ or AC220V 50HZ
Pneumatic Air 0.2 - 0.6Mpa
Connection USB 2.0 Port and RS -232
Controller 1. 7" LCD touch screen controller   2. windows 7 & windows XP
Power type 1.Pneumatic    2.Electric
Marking directions up, down, left, right, and the circular arc surface marking
Gross weight 13KG

Marking Samples

Name Plate Portable Dot Peen Pneumatic Marking Machine

Why we need to use marking machine ?

1. Raise the products grade , enhance the competitiveness.

2. Anti-fake to 2D code , say no to fake products.

3. Tracking mark are convenient for mass production management.

4. Fast marking , one minute to solve your marking solutions.

5. Automatic marking can solve the danger of manual marking.

6. In an era of branding , can protect the intellectual property right of the firm effectively , improve the brand influence.

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